The longstanding broad corporate legal experience, warrants an optimal legal support to corporations, organizations, sports associations and individual athletes, independent entrepreneurs, partners and managing board members, and other corporate stakeholders, like Supervisory Boards and Works Councils. Also the experience as attorney and the cooperation with and supervision over attorneys both in The Netherlands as abroad, contributes to a most efficient support.
The aforementioned experience has also contributed to the efficient and high-quality handling of mediations. An exclusively conducted pilot of mediations conducted on behalf of the Royal Dutch Football Federation has been successful. There are memberships with various umbrella organisations and professional mediation associations, such as the Dutch Bar Associations, the Association of Sports Law, the Mediators Federation Netherlands (MfN), the Dutch Mediators Association (NMV), the Dutch Association of Mediators Lawyers (NVVMA) and the Corporate Mediation Association.

Area’s of expertise

The attorney’s practice is primarily aimed at broad corporate legal support, with the emphasize on contracts law, employment law and psychiatric patients law.
The mediation practice primarily focusses on sports and business conflicts.

Project management and interim assignments

In addition to specific legal advising case by case, the activities are related to more operational (legal) project management and interim assignments. In that respect one can for example think of:
1. A sudden increase of legal work
2. Handling the legal tasks in case of pregnancy, illness or during a recruitment period following the leave of a legal counsel
3. Taking care of a (periodical) legal (in case required: quick) scan of a company: control of compliance; regarding the in- and external authorization scheme’s, the company’s guidelines- and regulations, the model contracts and general terms & conditions, the contract registration; regarding the overview of potential claims respectively legal proceedings (also on behalf of the auditor), etc.
4. Advise with respect to all elements of the setting up, extension of reduction of a legal department and the thereto related outside legal support
5. Coordination and management of domestic and foreign legal projects: setting up or dismantling corporate establishments, drafting and implementing standard company guidelines for various several corporate affiliates
6. Screening the trademark policy
7. Coordinating the activities of a group of attorneys on behalf of a project (for example related to merger & acquisition), etc.

Cooperation with other firms

For those matters which are not covered by the scope of expertise, cooperation takes place with other reputable law- and mediation firms.


References are available. Therefore in case, prior to possible cooperation, there is a need to verify one or more references, please inform so.

No third-party funds

The firm does not receive third-party funds. There is no relation with a third-party funds foundation.

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